Blowing The Lid Off Takeaway Cup Technology

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Convenient, hygienic and environmentally friendly, the Combi Hot Lid is set to save time, money and resources for purveyors of takeaway hot drinks worldwide. 

Made from sustainable, compostable, biodegradable and recyclable materials, the Combi Hot Lid’s unique design is a new and innovative way of serving your customers hot drinks whilst cutting down on mess and waste.

Featuring an integral flap designed for adding milk and sugar without having to remove the lid, the Combi Hot Lid helps to cut down on annoying spills and saves time and effort for busy coffee lovers on the go. 

In safe hands

A leading coffee shop chain estimates that it has over 60 million visitors per day around the world.  Each of those customers will use at least one of the wooden or plastic stirrers which are usually in an open display meaning that any one stirrer has no doubt been touched by several hands before making its way into the end user’s cup  The Combi Hot Lid design includes an internal stirrer which remains inside the cup for added hygiene as well as reducing mess and cutting down on needless waste.  

When helping the environment is your cup of tea

It’s estimated that a billion trees worth of paper and cardboard is thrown away every year adding to our planet’s rapidly dwindling resources.  The Combi Hot Lid’s cups are not only made from a sustainable, compostable, biodegradable and or recyclable materials but are also stackable, meaning that cardboard cup holders can be made smaller.

Hygienic, safe and affordable, find out how much time, money and resources the Combi Hot Lid could save for your business.