Press Release



How many times have you removed the lid to add your sugar and it won’t go back on properly?

This are problems the coffee lovers on the go deal with every day

How much hot coffee cup lids waste, it’s not 100% recyclable used by most of coffee shops, restaurants, hotels every day?

Imagine if there was an easy way for the coffee lovers help to decrease that waste of the used plastic lids!

This pending patented lid concept has a flap / hatch for adding condiments, with attached integral stirrer. This eliminates the need to remove the lid from the coffee cup and the design of the lid also allows stack ability, which could reduce the need for a cup cardboard holder. The attached stirrer is designed to hygienically remain inside the coffee cup and can prevent any spills when stirring your coffee. It can be disposed as one unit with the cup and can be recyclable or degradable.

If we use the new innovative lid with its stirrer, the new concept might be more of the environment benefits, that come from all the collection and recycling of the used lids waste and that wooden stirrer as no longer needed by cutting trees to make it any more.

This innovative hot cup lid can be made from a natural resources renewable material which is 100% Biodegradable and Compostable.