The Combi Hot Lid

CEO – Founder

Nabil S K Akasha is the Founder and the Director of the Foods River Ltd who developed the current concept of the innovative hot cups lid known by “The Combi Hot Lid” for more than two years to make it in its current advanced stage although he is not with a products design background.


We strive to provide the best hot coffee cup lid designed proudly in the United Kingdom to the coffee businesses and to the coffee lovers on the go as 74% of Brits buy hot drinks out of home every day.

This patented lid concept has a flap / hatch for adding condiments, with attached integral stirrer. This eliminates the need to remove the lid from the coffee cup and the design of the lid also allows stack ability, which could reduce the need for a cup cardboard holder. The attached stirrer is designed to hygienically remain inside the coffee cup and can prevent any spills when stirring your coffee. It can be disposed as one unit with the cup. The new innovative hot cup lid can be made from a sustainable green material which is compostable, Biodegradable and or recyclable.